Thursday, January 20, 2005

07. Happy Birthday, Lawrence

Though I am admittedly out of the loop when it comes to current events as of late, the fact that G.W. took the oath of office today has not escaped me, and while I somehow held out hope that wouldn't really happen much the way a kid hides underneath their sheets so as to become invisible to monsters in the dark, it looks like there's not much chance of things happening any other way.

That said, this day is never a complete loss, as on January 20th , 1981, in addition to Ronald Reagan swearing that same oath, my little brother Jon was born. Since I can't be there to help him celebrate, anyone who can buy him drinks and sing to him on my behalf will be greatly rewarded with all sorts of low-quality souvenier gifts from the great country of India.

Confidential to Jon: Since I can't be there to sing to you myself, I'm going to make believe that the children in this picture that I took on a rural road are really excited because it's your birthday, singing Happy Birthday to you, and that plaque that they're holding is announcing your 24 years. Happy Birthday Little Brother!




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